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Puzzles Forums : Your own puzzle

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A little Brainteaser...

By: Staceym [26-November-09 9:21PM]
102 posts
No picture yet!

OK so this isn't actually an original, but I have used this one a couple of times in the past and it never fails to get a smile if people don't get the answer straight away.

"What word actually becomes longer when you remove a letter from it?"

If you don't get it straight away, then enjoy puzzling over it for a while.

If you work out the answer then post it here, if not then hopefully I'll remember to come back in a few days and post it!

Re : A little Brainteaser

Martha [1-December-09 11:58AM]
19 posts
No picture yet!

I know the answer, but I'd better not give it away just yet (I've seen this one before rather than brilliant working out on my part )

Let's just say the answer is a type of settee or couch... a bit of a spoiler but hopefully not 100% obvious!

Anymore Stacey?

Re : A little Brainteaser

Puzzlemags [6-December-09 5:03PM]
173 posts


Great idea... if anyone else has any little brainteasers like this then do post them here!

Re : A little Brainteaser

Gemma1 [10-January-10 4:39PM]
88 posts

I like that answer, that's a good one!

On the subject of brainteasers, here is another little one.

Again it's a bit of a classic brainteaser but nevertheless if you've not seen it before then it does require a little bit of thinking, perhaps, to arrive at the correct answer.

So here goes:

what gets wetter as it dries?

As I say it may be instantly obvious but if not it should provide at least a minute or so of enjoyment to get the better of this little brainteaser.

Re : A little Brainteaser

Martha [17-January-10 4:57PM]
19 posts
No picture yet!

I hadn't seen that one before so it did actually take me a little while to come up with the answer, which I believe is a TOWEL... that's the only thing I can think of anyway.

Keep the brainteasers coming, they are fun, I might even try and come up with some more myself though I think I'm better at solving puzzles rather than setting them!!!

Re : A little Brainteaser

Staceym [7-February-10 5:16PM]
102 posts
No picture yet!

Just to confirm that lounger was indeed the answer to my little brainteaser

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