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Puzzles Forums : Your own puzzle

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Rebus puzzle...

By: Staceym [6-December-09 9:57PM]
102 posts
No picture yet!

Here's a simple little rebus puzzle for you, particularly since I can't do any formatting in here!

What is the answer to this, it's a common phrase:


You may have come across it before, but if not it is simple but clever


Re : Rebus puzzle

Gemma1 [7-December-09 11:16PM]
88 posts

Just worked this one out - very good!

I suppose if you were being charitable at Christmas and giving a clue it might be to count the number of letters that you listed above


Re : Rebus puzzle

Puzzlemags [8-December-09 3:15PM]
173 posts

Ah yes, Rebus puzzles... these can be good fun! Does anyone know where the name "rebus" comes from? It is quite an unusual word - perhaps it is some sort of acronym.

Be interesting to know, I suppose it could be that there is no known or particular derivation but it has always struck me as quite distinctive. These puzzles are often known as catchphrases or say what you see, too.

Here's another one, it's an oldy but a classic as it only requires three letters:


Got it?

Re : Rebus puzzle

Staceym [11-December-09 12:08AM]
102 posts
No picture yet!

Nice clue there Gemma

Yes the answer to that simple little rebus is, of course, "Missing You".

I will see if I can come up with some more of these... the only thing is that it is a bit limited to display here as I don't think you can do different colours and things in here.

Is there a way to upload images or something, I could perhaps make a couple in Word and put a screenshot if there was interest - and anyone could do the same of course!

Re : Rebus puzzle

Jenna51 [18-February-10 10:07PM]
3 posts
No picture yet!

Hearing the word Catchphrase reminds me of that ITV show that used to have animated puzzles like this... called Catchphrase of course.

Does anyone else remember this, there was a yellow character that used to crop up all the time called Mr Chips I think.

I don't know what happened to Catchphrase but I really liked it and would like to see it re-appear again on our screens! I suppose it isn't whizzy or loud enough though for the current reality tv generation!!! Not that I want to sound like an old fuddy duddy!

Re : Rebus puzzle

Johnny2 [26-February-10 3:37PM]
20 posts
No picture yet!

Hi Jenna

Yes I remember that show - had forgotten about mr chips though - haha a blast from the past!

Here's my contribution to the rebus puzzle thing:


Can you work out what film this is?

Re : Rebus puzzle

Staceym [3-March-10 10:55PM]
102 posts
No picture yet!

Hi Johnny

That must be Lost In Translation... nice one though

Re : Rebus puzzle

Puzzlemags [6-March-10 6:23PM]
173 posts

Catchphrase was great fun

I think it was actually brought back a few years ago as I seem to recall seeing it with a different presenter.

I'm not sure how long it ran for or if it was as popular as when Roy Walker presented it however - I seem to only being aware of it being on once or twice but that was a few years back and not heard of it being on or seen it really mentioned since - apart from on this thread of course

Re : Rebus puzzle

Puzzlemags [14-March-10 8:22PM]
173 posts


How about this Rebus puzzle!

Re : Rebus puzzle

Puzzlemags [6-December-10 5:32PM]
173 posts

OK so it looks like no-one is going to post the answer since it's been several months(!)

So to put anyone who has seen it out of their misery, it's simply too grim for words!

Re : Rebus puzzle

Staceym [31-January-11 4:54PM]
102 posts
No picture yet!

Here's another simple rebus for ya:


Re : Rebus puzzle

Gemma1 [1-February-11 5:31PM]
88 posts

Sorry to solve this so quickly but if I don't know I will forget, and I don't think there is a way to hide my answer here...

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