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Variety Number Puzzles
Variety Word Puzzles
12x12 Sudoku Magazine
15x15 Sudoku Magazine
16x16 Sudoku Magazine (2)
25x25 Sudoku Magazine (2)
A - Z Puzzle Magazine
ABC Puzzle Magazine (2)
Arrow Sudoku Magazine (2)
Binary Puzzle Magazine (2)
Calcudoku Magazine
Codeword Magazine (2)
Consecutive Sudoku (2)
Fiendish Sudoku
Futoshiki Magazine (2)
Graeco-Latin Sudoku
Hanjie Magazine
Hashi Magazine
Hidoku Magazine
Hypersudoku Magazine
Isosudoku Magazine
Jigsaw Sudoku Magazine (3)
Kakuro Magazine (2)
Killer Sudoku Magazine
Letterfit Magazine
Minesweeper Magazine
Number Square Magazine
Samurai Sudoku Magazine
Skeleton Crosswords Magazine
Sudoku Plus Magazine
Sudoku X Magazine
Sudoku Variants Magazine
Word Ladder Magazine
Wordwheel Magazine (4)

Educational / Kids

Educational Magazines
Maths Puzzles
Planet Maths
Sum Challenge
Find The Sum
Beginners Sudoku Magazine
Childrens Sudoku Magazine
Kids Killer Sudoku
Number Pyramids
Number Search
Holiday Activity Magazine

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Large Print Magazines
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Puzzle Strategy
25x25 Sudoku Strategy
Consecutive Sudoku Strategy
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Hidoku Solving Tips
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Educational Puzzle Magazines

Getting a good education has never been more important and, in some ways, never more challenging. There is a lot of pressure from a young age to develop a good mathematical understanding, and a good grasp of language too. However, learning from textbooks and in a classroom environment can often benefit from being supplemented by extra-curricular learning. Puzzles offer a fun and enjoyable way of working on and developing some of these crucial skills in a slightly different way but in a way that can enhance and assist the classroom environment.

We have a range of titles below that are aimed at being educational and/or simply at a level that is more suited to children than the mainstream puzzles. Those titles that are aimed at being educational are suitably marked below, whilst those that are simply children's versions of classic puzzles - such as the sudoku titles - are also clearly marked as being such. It is hoped this will help parents looking to buy suitable puzzles for their children make the right decision. There is also a sample page available of each puzzle title available to help inform choices. Some titles are simple black on white, whilst some of the educational magazines have elements of colour and also illustrations to help add enjoyment to the puzzles.

A list of our current titles can be found below - we welcome any feedback on these so if you have any comments, please do pass them on, and help inform the direction of our future educational puzzle magazines!

Maths Squares
number squares puzzles

Maths Squares Magazine
Contains 100 puzzles
Sum Challenge
sum challenge puzzles

Sum Challenge Magazine
Contains 100 puzzles
Planet Maths
sum challenge puzzles

Planet Maths Magazine
Contains 100 puzzles
Children's Sudoku
Ideal for kids
children's sudoku

6x6 Sudoku Magazine
Contains 100 puzzles
Children's Killer Sudoku
Good for addition
children's killer sudoku

6x6 Killer Sudoku Magazine
Contains 100 puzzles
Number Pyramids
Good for addition
number pyramid magazine

Number Pyramid Magazine
Contains 100 puzzles
Number Search
A fun wordsearch variant
number search magazine

Number Search Magazine
Contains 100 puzzles
Beginners Sudoku
An ideal introduction
beginners sudoku magazine

4x4 Sudoku Magazine
Contains 100 puzzles
Find The Sum
find the sum puzzles

Find the Sum Magazine
Contains 100 puzzles
Holiday Activity Magazine

Holiday Activity Magazine
Contains a huge range of puzzles