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Large Print Puzzle Magazines

We know that many millions of people around the world enjoy completing puzzles each and everyday. However, whilst for many people the small font sizes that are often used in publications do not present much of a difficulty, for others they present a real problem. Particularly with puzzle types such as crosswords, the very small numbers that appear in the grids can make it almost impossible for many to complete.

That is where out large print puzzle magazines are so handy - the font sizes are never less than 16 pt. Even with crossword puzzles and the numbers that appear inside the puzzle grids, we stick to 16 pt fonts, so that they are much easier to see.

There are other benefits of large print puzzles too - larger grids mean that the puzzles can be easier to fill in and correct for mistakes. When completing sudoku puzzles in newspapers for instance you may find it very hard to keep note of which numbers can go in a square as the squares can be very small - with large sized grids that is much less of a problem because there is a lot more space in each square to keep track of the options that are available to you.

All our large print titles come in PDF format which you can download and print and start enjoying straight away. You will need access to a printer therefore to enjoy and play our puzzles. Each large print puzzle magazine page has a sample page on it, so you can download and print a puzzle to find out the font sizes and style of each particular puzzle type - you are recommended to do this before purchasing so that you know that the large print title is right for you. For puzzles where you can download the magazine in various different point / font sizes, it may also be worth checking if the print is large enough for you to ensure that you purchase the right title. Below is a list of our current large print puzzle magazines:

Large Print Sudoku
large print sudoku magazine

Large Print Sudoku
Contains 100 puzzles
Large Print Wordsearch
large print wordsearch magazine

Large Print Wordsearch
Contains 52 puzzles
Large Print Crossword
large print crossword magazine

Large Print Crossword
Contains 52 puzzles