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Number Pyramid Puzzle Magazine

number pyramid magazine Our number pyramid magazines contains 100 puzzles. If you've not come across a number pyramid before, take a look at the example to the right of this page.

The number pyramid consists of seven rows of a pyramid, each containing one more square as you go down the pyramid, so the bottom row has seven cells and the top row has one cell.

The aim is to fill the tower such that every cell in the pyramid contains a number. You will see at the start of the puzzle that some of the squares already have a number in them.

The rules are simple: the value in a square is the sum of the two numbers directly beneath it. This means that there are two ways to work out the possible value in a square: if you know the two values beneath it already then you can just add them together to find the value of this cell.

Alternatively, let's say you know the value of the number above and to the left of a cell: then the value of this cell is the value of the cell above minus the value of the cell to the right (because we know that these two cells sum to the cell above), so you can use subtraction as well to solve number pyramids.

Who are number pyramids suitable for? Anyone who wants an enjoyable way to practice their addition and subtraction skills. This makes them an ideal educational puzzle for children who are learning addition and subtraction as rather than just doing lines of dull sums on a page, the number pyramid is more fun and being structured with a solution there is a sense of achievement to be had on completing each number pyramid puzzle.

This number pyramid magazine has 100 puzzles. You can see the first page of Number Pyramid Magazine by clicking the link. The magazine has 50 pages, the first 25 containing the puzzles and the latter 25 pages containing the solutions, so there are 4 puzzles per page in black and white on A4 paper.

To download the Number Pyramid Magazine in PDF format on A4 paper to print off the puzzles you want when you want to play them, click the 'Buy Now' button below, all for just £1.97 (UK Pounds) or $3.15 (US Dollars):

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Number Pyramid Puzzle Magazine magazine

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