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Puzzle Strategy

Whether you're a new visitor to Puzzle Magazine, or a regular visitor and purchaser, you will notice that we have a large range of Puzzle Magazines which you can download and print in PDF format.

Many of these magazines are deliberately on the more obscure puzzle types that it is very hard to find in the shops in print publication magazines and books in sizeable quantities. Indeed the raison d'etre of the site is that if you have a favourite puzzle type that is not 'mainstream' then you have to buy bumper puzzle book magazines or books just to get three or four of your favourite puzzle distributed through that title. Our puzzle magazines counter that by offering dedicated single puzzle magazines, so whatever your favourite puzzle we aim to have a title here that represents just what you are after.

The Strategy Guides

Here is an A - Z of all the strategy guide on the site. Note that many of these do not appear in the left hand menu of the site and can only be accessed from this page.

25x25 Sudoku Strategy
ABC Puzzle Strategy
Binary Puzzle Strategy
Bridges Strategy
Calcudoku Hints
CodeCracker Strategy Tips
Consecutive Sudoku Strategy
Dominoes Strategy
Fillomino Strategy
Futoshiki Strategy
Hanjie Strategy
Hidoku Strategy
Isosudoku Strategy
Kakuro Strategy
Killer Sudoku Strategy
Jigsaw Strategy
Masyu Strategy
Minesweeper Solving Tips
Mosaic Puzzle Strategy
Nurikabe Strategy
Shikaku Strategy
Slitherlink Strategy
Sudoku Plus Strategy
Word Ladder Strategy
WordSearch Strategy
Wordwheel Strategy
Yajilin Strategy

Of course, because many of these puzzle types are quite rare, such as the more obscure Japanese puzzle types that never quite made it into the mainstream in the way that a puzzle such as sudoku or perhaps kakuro did, they may not be immediately obvious how to play and solve them.

But part of the joy of puzzles is discovering a new puzzle type, learning how to play it and solve it, and sometimes you find a puzzle type that you didn't even know existed before but start to really like and enjoy. That is of course how most people got hooked on sudoku.

To help you find out a little bit more about some of the less mainstream puzzles here at Puzzle Magazine, we have two strategies. The first is that each magazine has the instructions of the puzzle type so you know how to play it.

And secondly, we have added a 'Strategy Tips' section that contains tips on solving many of the puzzle types on this site. So if you're not sure how to play, or have downloaded a magazine but are struggling to make headway with the puzzles, then reading the strategy tips for each puzzle should be your first port of call, and should help you in your quest to solve the puzzles.

Puzzle strategies can seem difficult and intimidating, so we've outlined the main strategies that will be required to do the bulk of the work in solving the puzzles and tried to outline them clearly and in simple terms in the strategy tips guides. We've avoided the more complicated and esoteric solving strategies... of course if you know them or like to use them that's great, but half the fun of tackling a new puzzle type is starting with the basic rules and then seeing what new rules and logical methods come to you whilst you start solving the puzzles.

As with the application of any strategy, you need confidence in the puzzle types. All logic puzzles (as opposed to some word puzzles such as word ladders that may have several solutions) here have one solution that can be reached by applying logical methods and strategies.

We hope you find the strategy guides useful, if you have any ideas for other puzzle strategy guides that you would like to see then do not hesitate to contact us or comment in the forums.

As for the strategy tips we have so far, you can find all of them in the left hand menu under the heading "Strategy Tips" so simply choose the puzzle of your choice, and enjoy the strategy tips. We hope you will then be able to tackle the puzzles in the magazines without being too daunted, so why not download a few magazines too and find out!