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Variety Number Puzzles
Variety Word Puzzles
12x12 Sudoku Magazine
15x15 Sudoku Magazine
16x16 Sudoku Magazine (2)
25x25 Sudoku Magazine (2)
A - Z Puzzle Magazine
ABC Puzzle Magazine (2)
Arrow Sudoku Magazine (2)
Binary Puzzle Magazine (2)
Calcudoku Magazine
Codeword Magazine (2)
Consecutive Sudoku (2)
Fiendish Sudoku
Futoshiki Magazine (2)
Graeco-Latin Sudoku
Hanjie Magazine
Hashi Magazine
Hidoku Magazine
Hypersudoku Magazine
Isosudoku Magazine
Jigsaw Sudoku Magazine (3)
Kakuro Magazine (2)
Killer Sudoku Magazine
Letterfit Magazine
Minesweeper Magazine
Number Square Magazine
Samurai Sudoku Magazine
Skeleton Crosswords Magazine
Sudoku Plus Magazine
Sudoku X Magazine
Sudoku Variants Magazine
Word Ladder Magazine
Wordwheel Magazine (4)

Educational / Kids

Educational Magazines
Maths Puzzles
Planet Maths
Sum Challenge
Find The Sum
Beginners Sudoku Magazine
Childrens Sudoku Magazine
Kids Killer Sudoku
Number Pyramids
Number Search
Holiday Activity Magazine

Large Print

Large Print Magazines
Large Print Sudoku
Large Print WordSearch
Large Print Crossword

Strategy Tips

Puzzle Strategy
25x25 Sudoku Strategy
Consecutive Sudoku Strategy
Wordwheel Solving Tips
Word Ladder Tips
WordSearch Tips
Killer Sudoku Strategy
Futoshiki Strategy
Hidoku Solving Tips
Kakuro Tips
Calcudoku Hints
Binary Puzzle Tips
ABC Puzzle Solving
Jigsaw Strategy
Solving Bridges Puzzles

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About Puzzle Magazine.com

Puzzle Magazine.com is a new site. It was borne out of the fact that puzzle magazines tend to focus on best-selling puzzles, such as crosswords and word search. This means that if your favourite puzzle is not a "mainstream" one, it is very hard to find places where you play them.

If you have a favourite puzzle that is rarely found in the shops and only then occasionally in a mixed puzzles title, for instance Consecutive Sudoku, then it soon gets expensive buying lots of mixed logic puzzle magazines in order to obtain just a few of your favourite puzzle.

Puzzle Magazine is the answer to this problem, predominantly containing magazines that are composed of just one puzzle. Also, you can print the puzzles yourself, on as good quality paper as you require. And because all the puzzles are on A4 then you should find it is easier to complete harder puzzles as you will have more space for pencilmarks than in small page size puzzle magazines in the shops.

Puzzle magazines are provided in PDF format for electronic download. They are all copyright © Clarity Media Ltd., and authorised for individual use only. Any reproduction of any material without express permission will lead to legal action against the party that infringes copyright.

See a list of existing puzzle magazines available for download on the Puzzle Magazine homepage.