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Domino Puzzle Strategy

domino puzzle We don't have a domino puzzles magazine yet at the site... but we do have lots of other puzzle magazines for you to enjoy!

So, how do you solve domino puzzles? Take a look at the sample. You'll see that the puzzle contains 64 squares, so that means there are 32 dominoes placed within it, from 0 - 0 to 0 - 6. The tickbox at the bottom enables you to keep track of what has been placed, and what is yet to be placed.

The simplest strategy is to look for dominoes that can only be placed in one place in the grid, and then to draw a thick border around and cross off that domino.

In this puzzle we can see that there is only one place 0-0 can go, in row one, so we can cross it off and draw the border around it accordingly.

Another useful strategy is to work out that, whichever domino a cell is part of, that domino must always have the same value... this is particularly often the case at the corners or edges of the puzzle. For instance, if there were a '1' at the corner of the puzzle and the adjacent and vertical cell contained the same number (let's say a 2) then we would know the 1-2 domino must be in that corner, we just don't know the orientation. This would enable us to go through the rest of the puzzle and place a small 'x' between any other occurrence of 1 and 2 adjacent to each other, reducing the combinations for those respective cells and potentially helping us to place them.

Finally, sometimes there will only be one way a domino can connection. For instance, if at the start of column two the domino is '0-2' then that would mean that the '3' in the first cell could only possibly be part of a domino with the cell beneath it, making '3-6' that particular domino.

These are the only strategies that you'll need to solve the vast majority of domino puzzles. And remember that they all have just one solution that can be reached through the application of logic alone.

That's it for domino puzzles! Why not now purchase a puzzle magazine from one of the great selection of puzzles we have here at Puzzle Magazines?

Read more Puzzle Strategy Tips on a range of different puzzle types.

Try A New Puzzle...

How to solve Hanjie Puzzles
A fun logic puzzle, hanjies result in a simple piece of grid art being created. If you're new to this puzzle type but are intrigued and would like to give it a go, this video has a walkthrough of how to solve a simple hanjie puzzle to start you on your hanjie-solving adventures...

Hanjie is a fun puzzle, would you like to try the easy example in this video? You can do so here: Easy Online Hanjie Puzzle

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